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Scar's Info on Spyro

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Scar's Info on Spyro

Post by Tael on Mon Aug 03, 2009 10:51 pm

Information about Spyro, summarized by Scarwings herself! Very Happy

Monday august 3, Scarwings:

well in the new beging sypro was new to the world he didnt no who he really was he though he was a dragonfly cus his perants was dragonflys but his bro sprax,.. but 1 day sypro and sparx was playing hide in seek or some thing and sprax was cuatch by the monkey apes and spyro learned his fire breathe there and he told his mom and dad about wat happened and there parants told him that he wasnt a dragon fly at all and him and sprax went to explore the world and he came and found initus and he and spyro didnt no who the dragon was he didnt no wat he wa but initus told him wat happened and told him that the purple dragon was a verey specail creature and sypro was a bit confused and initus told sypro about cynder cus she took the other gaurdi dragon in diff places and that he was to late about wat happened cus cynder was in the dark mastes control then sypro had to save of wat was being distroyed sypro learned that cynder was was just like him they were the same

Additional Notes from Scar...

same day, 10:03:58pm

in the nternal night sypro was sleeping in the temple then cynder left
he had to go and find her cus it was dangours times still and he found
her and cynder told him : u shouldnt of come cus cynder thinks she
doesnt belong here so cynder left then sypro just fell and lern his
fire power deal and the temple was under a acttack and he had to find a
diff way to the temple cus the other way was block so he had to go and
warn the other dragons and sypr o got there and it was half way
distroyed and he had to tell initus other the voice inside his head
he was called the conicler and initus was surprized and sypro was on a
quest to find the tree in his dreams he ad and he distroyed i and got
cuatch by the canies creatures and they but him in a rena and he killed
the creatures in there then came cynder and they didn fite cus they
were friends and they were under acttack again and took cynder and sypo
had to fite his way out again and he wanted o recure cynder ::: the
well of souls was created by the dark master him self cus he was a
purple dragon who had specail powers so he was evil and had a army not
of dragons but of apes and ::: sypro had to defate gaul the ape
kill/leader then after gaul was defated thats wen he found cynder and
the mooutain was calloasping and thats wen sypro and cynder was traped
in there : they would wake up in a new diff wrold: then thats the end
of enternals night and the beging of dawn of the dragon

P.S. I did not change a thing in the writing, hence the reason why there are so many typos and cute spelling mistakes. (^.^) Lol sorry Scar. xP
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