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Poetry, Bordem, and what gets released by my mind.

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Poetry, Bordem, and what gets released by my mind.

Post by Epiclthr on Thu Jul 30, 2009 1:28 pm

Write anything that comes to mind, 1 rule though, it has to rhyme. (doesnt have to make sense though)


~What's it worth.
As I sit here in this chair, I wonder why I breathe this air..
Death is stareing me in the face, Scars of life all over the place..
I have to ask why am I here? All I do is feel this fear..
Darkness is swallowing my soul, soon My life will be no more..
What's it worth? What price to pay? Look at life, as life is gay..
Reason to live is to feel alive, when there's nothing to feel,
there's suicide... What's this worth?
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