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Funny things...That happened to mine (You can share your funny things too)

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Funny things...That happened to mine (You can share your funny things too)

Post by NuziAdonis on Wed Jul 29, 2009 12:13 pm

Day 1:
Ok We were driving (Me) And then my friend asked me do i listen to popular music...
Nuzi: This isn't music, this is news radio
Mathew:Hold on....You listen to the news?
Nuzi:You got a problem with the news now? (He has problems with everything)
Mathew:Yeah, I got a goddamn Problem with the news....
Mathew:You see the news is totaly Manipulated...Eveything you hear is designed by co-op Media's, to do one thing..And one thing only...
Nuzi:What's that?
Mathew:To keep you living in fear...
Nuzi:Oh fear?
Mathew:Fear so you will buy things...Things you don't even need...Things you already have six of...So that their advertisements will profit and be successful.
Mathew:I got so much stuff on this...I got days of data at home..
Mathew:I'll drop a bomb on you bigger then my nut sa...
Nuzi:Shut up...Shut the ***** up!

Day 2:
We were going on a long trip to a friends house that lives in another state.
Mathew:I don't want to be annoying but we just passed another mcdoanlds and i am starving...
Nuzi: Cmon...Shut up...
Nuzi:Shut up...
Mathew:We can just run in and get some ketchup *Sad Face*
Nuzi:Shut up!

Day 3:
Me and my friend were trading Account's On Runescape (High levels like level 110+)
Carl:So what's your Accounts' level?
Nuzi:Level 132
Carl:I'll trade you a lvl 96 and a lvl 3 skiller With 99 Firemaking,Fishing,Woodcutting and Mining
Carl:Pease? *Sad Face*
Nuzi:SHUT THE ***** UP!
(Will be updated and probably moved)



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Re: Funny things...That happened to mine (You can share your funny things too)

Post by Epiclthr on Wed Jul 29, 2009 12:22 pm

So I'm sitting in my basement like 4 days ago on sunday after work, its like 10:00 at night when I hear a, BOOM BOOM BOOM
I was liek wtf!? then my friend comes into my basement..
Me: dude how the hell did you get into my house?!
Derek: You hooky thing on your patio door broke (laughter)
Me: You.. broke into my house?
Derek: Not really, and no ones here anyway wanna hang out?
Me: Where the hells my mom and dad.. (then I realized they where at a summer work party for my Dad)
Derek: we should chill out in Centen (forest in my town)
Me: dude.. no. go away (laughter)
Derek: Come on!!! I can get stufff!!
Me: Fine..

Then over the next 4 hours into 1:00 in the morning we drank smirnoff shooters and smoked some weed.. Then this house on the corner called the cops and we ran into shanias house and she flipped out but we got away and it was alright :3
98% TRUE!!!!!!
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